Sunday, January 16, 2011


Welcome to Pretty Boy Swag Thoughts:

My name is Adam and I'm standard college student....
 This blog is going to be pertaining to whatever I feel like talking about and hopefully my audience finds the info useful if they have interests like mine.
Here is what we're  going to be talking about here:
1.Sports(football, basketball, bodybuilding, paintball, and anything else that catches my eye)

2. Weightlifting: this is my sport of choice now and its a great hobby

3. school: I attend a top university in California and I'm working to get into medical school

4. video games: particularly xbox 360. My games of choice are usually COD and halo

5. Fraternity life: I'm in a great fraternity here at my school and things get interesting

6. movies: I'm opinionated and watch a good number of films

7.whatever else comes across my mind (family, morals, religion, conspiracy, etc.)

Basically, I'm your standard college frat boy. So let's see where this takes us.

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