Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bodybuilding Motivation

Classes just started up here at Berkeley and I'm dragging in the gym... So I went and found a few go-to videos that really me realize what I'm actually working in the gym for. It's way to easy to get stuck and simply go through the motions day in and day out. When I see videos like this and find my zone, its like I just started this whole bodybuilding lifestyle all over again. Here's one of the videos I really enjoyed today...:

Also, I needed some music to get me going on my walk to the gym...and NOTHING gets the job done like Tech N9ne...I'll probably do a Tech N9ne piece later on...but for now here's my top 5 songs in no real order:
1. Jellysickle ft. E40
2. Like Yeah
3. Riot Maker
4. That Box
5. Caribou Lou

I was listening to this when I set a PR on box jumps today... enjoy


  1. Inspirational and motivational. Will pump heavy tonight at the gym.

  2. Great vids dude. I must say I'm jealous of Berkley though! :D Hit me back brah, I'll be following this along for sure.

  3. +1 on the Riot Maker. hit me back

  4. nice work on the blog dude
    get back to me

  5. Good song, will add to playlist
    I follow back!

  6. Awesome video and the song is pretty decent too

  7. Nice man. I wasnt in the mood to lift today but I am now.

  8. good stuff man. cool blog.

    follow/comment back