Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bodybuilding Motivation

Classes just started up here at Berkeley and I'm dragging in the gym... So I went and found a few go-to videos that really me realize what I'm actually working in the gym for. It's way to easy to get stuck and simply go through the motions day in and day out. When I see videos like this and find my zone, its like I just started this whole bodybuilding lifestyle all over again. Here's one of the videos I really enjoyed today...:

Also, I needed some music to get me going on my walk to the gym...and NOTHING gets the job done like Tech N9ne...I'll probably do a Tech N9ne piece later on...but for now here's my top 5 songs in no real order:
1. Jellysickle ft. E40
2. Like Yeah
3. Riot Maker
4. That Box
5. Caribou Lou

I was listening to this when I set a PR on box jumps today... enjoy

Monday, January 17, 2011

NFL playoffs!

Well, admittedly I've only been right in my picks about 60% of the time so far in these NFL playoffs. However, now that I have a blog I can make my picks official for the rest of the way! Here we go...

I'll do Green Bay and Chicago first...
-I'm not convinced by the bears offense at all especially against a good pass rush led by Clay Matthews
-Bears defense is good but obviously has flaws
-Aaron Rodgers is peaking right now and I see him doing serious damage against this defense even though they look good.
-Overall: I see a close game until Green Bay pulls away and wins by around 10 points...We shall see how it turns out!

Next I'll do the Steelers and the New York Jets: some notes of interest
-I'm much less confident in this pick!
-The Jets are peaking right now but most importantly I am not convinced that Mark Sanchez can produce for consistently...YET
- The steelers defense will make the Jets turn the ball over and make plays in general to change the game!
-Big Ben is a winner plain and simple
-overall: I see a very close game but I think the Steelers take a close one by around 3-7 points....Once again....We shall see!

Bodybuilding Motivation

Everyone who lifts weights or does any kind of exercise on a regular basis knows that some days are a tough grind. However, we all need to get through these tough days because we know that the sweat and tears of today are the positive changes and progress of tomorrow. I watch motivational weightlifting videos on a regular basis, and I want to share some because they help me get ready to put in the work I need to improve myself.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Welcome to Pretty Boy Swag Thoughts:

My name is Adam and I'm standard college student....
 This blog is going to be pertaining to whatever I feel like talking about and hopefully my audience finds the info useful if they have interests like mine.
Here is what we're  going to be talking about here:
1.Sports(football, basketball, bodybuilding, paintball, and anything else that catches my eye)

2. Weightlifting: this is my sport of choice now and its a great hobby

3. school: I attend a top university in California and I'm working to get into medical school

4. video games: particularly xbox 360. My games of choice are usually COD and halo

5. Fraternity life: I'm in a great fraternity here at my school and things get interesting

6. movies: I'm opinionated and watch a good number of films

7.whatever else comes across my mind (family, morals, religion, conspiracy, etc.)

Basically, I'm your standard college frat boy. So let's see where this takes us.